About Us: Learn more about what we do, why we do it and who we are.

The Vision

Senvid started in 1999 as a Stanford University spin-out to connect real people to their real world - a world of vast information residing in disparate digital devices and locations that must be accessed around the clock, from around the world. Our vision is that you have virtual access to everything, from any location, wherever you are.

The History

The ideas for Senvid go back to 1992 when founder Lambertus (Bert) Hesselink was attempting to manage laboratory experiments while on vacation in Hawaii.
He needed to:
  • find a secure way to tunnel through the Internet to view and control the remote science apparatus in California
  • access his e-mail and documents stored on his Stanford computer
  • view his webcam to check on the security of his home

It was the early days of the Internet and people were still learning what they could do with this communication vehicle. To solve his problem, Bert had to create secure mechanisms to access, control and manage different devices across the Internet through many types of firewall boundaries. Senvid formed when Bert partnered with several PHD students to address these problems.

Great Ideas Make Great Patents

The core of the Senvid technology was started even before the company was formed and is so unique that the company has been awarded 2 patents and has over 30 patents pending in the United States and around the world.

Partnering for Success

Senvid's strategy is to partner with best in class companies.
These partners:
  • distribute Senvid's software solution, MioNet
  • work with Senvid to create custom solutions which leverage the vast technology platform and expertise of the Senvid team with the partner's areas of specialty.

Who Benefits from Using Senvid's Products

Senvid's initial products enable small businesses and consumers to share and unify their digital world, simply, securely and seamlessly.

Senvid's first product,
MioNet, is now available.