Our Team: The best and the brightest, all in one place.

Lambertus ("Bert") Hesselink, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Hesselink has been the Chairman and CEO of Senvid since its founding in 1999. Prior to Senvid, Dr. Hesselink started and was the Chairman, CEO and CTO of Siros Technologies, a venture-backed optical data storage and telecom company. He holds over 55 patents in Internet technology, optical data storage, and has authored over 350 technical papers. For his pioneering scientific work, he has received several awards from scientific and professional societies and is a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Hesselink is also a faculty member at Stanford in Applied Physics and Engineering. He was previously an Instructor in Applied Physics and Senior Research Fellow at the California Institute of Technology. He earned two BS and an Engineers degree from Twente University, and a MS and PhD degree from the California Institute of Technology.

Brian Miller, Vice President of Marketing

Brian runs the marketing activities for Senvid, bringing 18 years of marketing and senior management experience to the company. Most recently, he was the Vice President for Product Marketing and Professional Services at Noosh, a market leading software as a service solution. Prior to Noosh, Brian was a General Manager at Nokia active in WLAN strategy and firewall/VPN products. Brian was a senior marketing executive and then general manager for the Asia Pacific region at Ipsilon Networks, an Internet infrastructure company that was acquired by Nokia for over $100M. Brian was also a marketing leader in the early days of videoconferencing and has a significant strategic background developed at Bain and Company. He earned a BS in electrical engineering from MIT and an MBA from Stanford.

Ramtin Mahini, PhD, Vice President of Operations

Dr. Mahini runs the engineering operations of Senvid, bringing in 18 years of software development and management experience. He has a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in all phases of software and hardware life cycle from design, development, product introduction, technical support and engineering services. Ramtin spent 9 years at the Electric Power Research Institute developing software products for the energy industry. He worked at Siebel as the Director of Quality Engineering, at Network Appliance as the Director of New Products Introduction, and most recently at Intuit as the Director of Engineering Services. Ramtin earned his BS, MS, and PhD in Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Eric Bjornson, PhD, Chief Software Architect

Dr. Bjornson is a cofounder and lead software designer of Senvid. He holds degrees in Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. He earned his PhD from Stanford University in 1998 and then continued his research as a post-Doctoral in software design and architect for the Holographic Data Storage Systems consortium. His technical skills range from the low-level software design and optimization of firmware interfacing to the high-level Java programming of graphical user interfaces.

Dharmarus Rizal, Chief Technologist

Mr. Rizal is a cofounder and lead architect of Senvid core distributed control infrastructure. Prior to Senvid, he was a Research Associate at Stanford University, where he helped develop CyberLab, an online laboratory allowing students to perform experiments over the Internet. For this work, he received a Best Application of Measurement and Automation award from National Instruments. He also worked as an engineer intern at Allied Signal where he implemented a gateway system that allowed communications between multiple distributed control systems for a chemical production plant, and at SmithKline Beecham where he developed several relational database management applications. He received a BS degree from Drexel University and MS degree from Stanford University in electrical engineering, and was a Tau Beta Pi Fellow at Stanford.

Richard Perez, Director of Finance

Richard Perez has taught accounting and MIS courses at various universities including Ohio State, USC, UCLA, and the San Jose State University. He worked for Arthur Andersen and was a controller of Farm Management, Inc. He has been an advisor, founder, and an investor in various companies. Richard earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Ohio State and a JD from the Columbia Law School. He is a CPA.